Monday, September 7, 2009

The "Literal" Difference Between 43 and 12

After reading to the boys, Jonny proceeded to tell me something that happened to him at church yesterday. He began by saying, "I ran into someone yesterday.." I interrupted him (I know, I should not do that!) But I asked, "What do you mean you ran into them?" Why did I ask this and why did I interrupt? I don't know! Jonny looked confused and asked, "What?"
I then explained that "ran into" could mean that you saw someone that you had not seen in awhile and talked to them.
Jonny replied, "Mom, I'm 12, I don't say things like "ran into". I meant I really physically bumped into someone!"
....Had I not interrupted, I would have understood the first time!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Oh, The Depths of Wishing

A few days ago Jonny asked me if I could have any wish what would I wish for. I had just read one of Kyle's sad short stories about a man whose wish came true but only by the death of his only son! So, as I thought I knew what would be a perfect wish. I told him I wished that he and his siblings would walk with the Lord all the days of their lives and I wished for salvation for both sets of grandparents. (I know, it is technically two, but it was my wish!) Jonny sat there for a moment and said, "Wow" mom, that's deep. I laughed and said, "Well what were you thinking about?" He replied, "I just wish I could break dance." Another funny and treasured memory on the way home from school!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Thoughts from a 5th Grade Sunday School

I have always thought the Sunday School kids we teach are pretty thoughtful and insightful but today they seemed to be in rare form. Maybe it was the donuts we gave them for snack. :-) As Steve was building the lesson for our Sunday school class, he began by asking the kids a few questions and the kids answered here and there but today two answers were just classic.
Steve asked them what a pagan was and one boy raised his hand and said, "A disgusting person!" We tried not to laugh but we both cracked up. Then Steve asked about the symbolism of the lamb in the Old Testament and asked the kids what the Israelites did with the lamb. Again, one boy(diiferent boy) raised his hand and said, "They lit it on fire!" Again, we couldn't contain ourselves. They were so funny and these were serious answers! We love our Sunday School kids!!!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Joy of not being German

Jenna went over to her friend Emma Tracy's house last Friday. As we were driving in the car, I gave her some last minute instructions, you know the kind on being polite, following instructions, being other's minded and so on. Jenna was going to eat dinner at the Tracys so I told her not to tell Mrs. Tracy "I don't like that!" but just to eat what was given to her and say thank you. I then told her a story of when I was little and I went to a new friends house. (I can't remember her name so we must have not been that good of friends.) I told Jenna that my new friend's parents were German and I had lunch over their house. My friend's mom made us lunch and served me a tuna sandwich with butter! I looked at it and almost died but did not say anything. I told Jenna I just ate the sandwich. Jenna was quiet for a moment and then responded "I'm glad the Tracys aren't German!" :-)

The Love List

Jenna always carries a bag to church with her. It usually has her bible some toys, notebook, pen, or picture. Today in church she was writing in her notebook. Here is her "Love List". This is her list in the order she wrote. Notice I am before dad. :-)

Love List
1. God
2. Mom
3. Dad
4. Bella and Roxy....sad, the dogs before the brothers. And Roxy isn't even our dog! We will need to talk about this later. :-)
5. Jonny
6. Kyle
7. Grama
8. Grump-pa
9. Grama Betty
10. Grampa
11. Dani
12. Anty Tracy
13. Uncle Robert
14. My too cousins (she technically has one, my brother has one child and my husband is an only child) Not sure who the other one is.
15. Uncle Michael
16. Bria
17. Emma T.
18. Price
19. Emma S.
20. Jenna from Nebraska

To Move or Not to Move....

Since Kyle started high school this past year in Murrieta, my husband has wanted to move. He hates to drive and driving daily to Murrieta is pain to him. The men in the West household would like to move and the women (Jenna and I) want to stay in Canyon Lake. Jenna is constantly writing in notebooks and this note she wrote explains perfectly her thoughts about the situation. :-) Spelling and Punctuation errors are intentional. :-)

........"To Dani" (Her dear friend who lives in Canyon Lake)

"Dani, I mite move by Kyle's school. And it is not close. It is by J.T.'s house and you no it is not close. So can you help me by E. mailing my mom and talk her into not moveing. Rite me back."

Love, Jenna in Tears

Monday, January 19, 2009

Dreaming in the 21st Century

When Steve is home, he puts Jenna to bed and lays down with her for awhile.  I can hear them talking and laughing and it is so sweet.  He tells her to dream of sugar plums, he makes her stuff animals talk, and tells her all sorts of funny things.  When he gets home from work, Jenna tells him about the sugar plums she has tasted in her dreams and sometimes she is so excited about her dream, she calls him at work.  She told me she has tried a cherry sugar plum, Dr. Pepper sugar plum, and all kinds of sugar plums.  I asked  how she dreams about sugar plums all the time.  She told me she uses a "user name" and two "passwords" to get into sugar plum dream land!  Ahhh, you gotta love her 21st century response!